Selling Your Home – 12 Easy Steps

1. Tidy up and get rid of clutter

Put your clothes and personal items away and remove your chotchkies. Personal items, family photos and souvenirs can take up a lot of space and are distracting to your potential buyer. You already know you will be packing up to move so why not get a head start by packing up those things now? Excess clutter can turn a buyer off, so make sure you get rid of clutter — if in doubt, pitch it.

2. Rearrange your furniture

Having cleared the personal stuff, you might have more room to move furniture around. Your goal is to arrange the furniture so it feels friendly, comfy and more spacious.  Get rid of any furniture or household items that you do not plan to move. If your furniture is older, purchase slip covers to brighten the room and distract the eye from the furniture.

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3. Odor free

If there is a strange smell in your house, buyers will be turned off.  It’s easy to freshen up the smell of your house – there are many products available that will make your house smell inviting to a buyer.

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4. Carpets and paint

Dingy walls and dirty carpets give a bad impression.  Paint the walls and baseboards, and get new carpets or have them cleaned. If you can’t afford professional carpet cleaning, rent a carpet cleaning machine and do it yourself. You will love living in your home again.

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5. Pets

You love your pets, but they need to be like your kids – out of site, not heard and definitely not smelled. Make sure you have a poop scoop yard schedule, clean that fish tank (your fish will thank you), change the paper in your bird cage, and keep litter boxes clean. Remove pet hair from your furniture and carpets. You get the idea. This is one of those areas you probably don’t see, but your potential buyer will.

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6.  Sparkling Clean

Sparkling clean windows and mirrors create a great impression. Polish your chrome fixtures – it’s easy with polishing cloths. Get out your crystal vases, clean them and add flowers. Clean the floors and vacuum the carpets. Last but not least, make sure you dust and polish the furniture.

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7. Lights

Replace burnt out light bulbs. Turn on the lights, especially if your house is on the dark side. Just remember to clean the light fixtures, check for spider webs and dead insects. It’s time to give Charlotte the boot.

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8. Kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of the home. While it’s good to appear “lived in”, let’s make sure it looks inviting. No dirty dishes (check the oven!), clean grout, counters, appliances and floors. Make sure all surfaces are clean and spotless. Be prepared for the “nosy Parkers” to open your fridge, dishwasher, cabinets and oven!

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9.  Bath

We’re just going to spell it out for you – the bathroom needs to be spotless. No mold, no dark rims, no water spots, no towels on the floor. NO CLUTTER. Put your toiletries away. Definitely remove the plumbers friend from the bathroom. A clean and bright shower curtain helps if you don’t have glass shower doors. If your house is going to be shown, put your wet towels and bath mats in the laundry. Hang fresh towels. Fresh flowers or a silk arrangement add a nice touch.

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10.  Leaks

Check your taps for leaks — and repair if needed.

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11.  Garage

Time for a garage sale? Clean it up, and get rid of all that clutter and junk. If it’s not junk or clutter, but you haven’t used it for more than a year, it might be time to say goodbye — sell it or donate it.

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12.  Yard

Sweep and hose down the hardscape. Clean your patio / yard furniture. Get rid of empty pots. Cut the lawns and hedges; replant if needed, deadhead and trim the flowers and any overhanging trees or bushes. If you have a pool, spa or pond, make sure it is sparkling clean. Put out a welcome mat, and wipe down door and window frames.

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