Sell Your Home for More – Declutter!

One of the first things I do when working with you to sell your home is a walk-through on getting your home “sale ready.” A clean house and NO CLUTTER is at the top of my list to insure you get the most money for your home. There are other things that will also insure the highest selling price, but these two are at the top of my list. (See my article “Selling Your Home – 12 Easy Steps.”

In a 2012 survey by, real estate agents ranked cleaning and de-cluttering your home as the top low-cost, do-it-yourself improvement project for a home seller. By de-cluttering, you can sell your home for money. A $402 cost yields a return of $2,024, for an ROI of 403 percent.

Clutter - Get Rid of it!


I would be happy to help you de-clutter your home, stage it for maximum effect, and get you in top shape to sell. Give me a call at 714-469-7849, or contact me.

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